OxyBOOST Filling bottles

Although high pressure medical oxygen filling systems are not fully consistent with the principle of on-site oxygen production, in certain situations, it might be interesting to fill oxygen cylinders to serve as a back-up supply.

Indeed, on-site oxygen production is designed to safely produce oxygen at low pressure and directly feed the medical oxygen pipeline system of the hospital. The interest is to avoid the manipulation of dangerous high pressure oxygen cylinders. However, it is mandatory for an hospital to have three sources of oxygen supply, hence it is possible to consider high pressure filling systems in order to refill fixed oxygen cylinders as second or third source of oxygen for the hospital.

GAZ SYSTEMES has a range of pneumatic oxygen boosters which are reliable and are powered using the same compressor than for the PSA oxygen plant. Pneumatic technology allows low rpm with less maintenance and high life expectancy.

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Technical characteristics

  • Air drive pressure: 6 bar
  • Inlet oxygen pressure: 4-10 bar
  • Power supply: 400V AC 50Hz*
    *60 Hz available on request / Power supply for compressed air unit
  • Large range of oxygen boosters:
    – From 2 to 36 m3/h
    – Outlet 120-200 bar
  • Safety:
    – Equipped with check valves, safety valves
  • Internal pipping:
    – All stainless steel
    – Degreased for oxygen service
  • Pneumatic technology:
    – Less than 100 cycles per minute
    (10 times less than electric oxygen
  • Supervision Box (Optional):
    – Possibility to control and operate the booster remotely.
    – Automatic start & stop according to the outlet pressures (chosen by the user)
    – 7,5’’ Touchscreen

Models Oxygen flow Max outlet pressure
OxyBOOST 20 2 m3/h 150-200 bar
OxyBOOST 40 4 m3/h 150-200 bar
OxyBOOST 60 6 m3/h 150-200 bar
OxyBOOST 80 8 m3/h 150-200 bar
OxyBOOST 120 12 m3/h 150-200 bar
OxyBOOST 180 18 m3/h 150-200 bar
OxyBOOST 240 24 m3/h 150-200 bar
OxyBOOST 360 36 m3/h 150-200 bar
Oxygen quality inlet Oxygen quality inlet
Purity Up to 99.9%
CO < 2 ppm
CO2 < 150 ppm
SO2 0 ppm
NO2 0 ppm
Oil < 0.05 mg/m3
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