Our range of oil-free piston air compressors is designed for small oil-free compressed air needs. These compressors provide a compact compressed air solution, because the compression blocks are directly fitted on the air tank.

Our range starts from 30 L/min to 540 L/m.

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Technical caracteristics

  • Speed: 1440 tr/mn
  • Flow: 30 to 720 L/min
Models Maximum pressure (bar) Power (kW)
OxyCOMP OFP 550 8 0.55
OxyCOMP OFP 2x750 8 2x0.75
OxyCOMP OFP 3x750 8 3x0.75
OxyCOMP OFP 1100 8 1.1
OxyCOMP OFP 2x1100 8 2x1.1
OxyCOMP OFP 3x1100 8 3x1.1
OxyCOMP OFP 4x1100 8 4x1.1
OxyCOMP OFP 1500 8 1.5
OxyCOMP OFP 2x1500 8 2x1.5
OxyCOMP OFP 3x1500 8 3x1.5
OxyCOMP OFP 4x1500 8 4x1.5
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