Adsorption air dryers

This range of A-DRY desiccant adsorption air dryer has been designed to reach a very high degree of dry air. These air dryers are using the PSA technology with desiccants to absorb water from the air. This technology is able to reach a dew point of -70 °C.

Meticulous care must be taken when selecting a desiccant air dryer: the local conditions of operating temperature, operating pressure and desired dew point must be carefully studied in order to select the right dryer.

Do not hesitate to contact us with these details, we will help you size the right dryer for your desired application.

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Models Air flow Weight (kg)
A-DRY 06 4.7 m3/h 10.5
A-DRY 12 9.5 m3/h 13.5
A-DRY 24 19 m3/h 19
A-DRY 36 28.4 m3/h 27.5
A-DRY 60 47.4 m3/h 45
A-DRY 75 59.3 m3/h 53
A-DRY 105 83 m3/h 70
A-DRY 150 118 m3/h 170.5
A-DRY 200 158 m3/h 182.2
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