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Medical gas outlets

Medical gas outlets available for all the main international standards: AFNOR, BS, DIN etc.

AVSU & Valve cabinets

GAZ SYSTEMES provides several equipment to include inside AVSU & Valve cabinets, from pressure monitoring devices to safety accessories.

Medical grade degreased copper pipes

GAZ SYSTEMES offers a full range of equipment for the installation of MGPS: degreased medical copper pipes, valves, supporting systems etc

Pressure regulators

GAZ SYSTEMES provides a wide range of pressure regulators

Ball Valve

Ball valves compatible with all types of medical gases, from G1/4'' to G4''

Bed Head Units

Bed head units are installed in hospital wards above the beds. They gather in a single product electrical and medical gas appliances.

Ceiling Pendants

Ceiling pendants allow for an easier access to medical gases and electrical power (high and low voltage) during surgeries or anesthesias.

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