Medical Vacuum Plants

Medical vacuum is used in several departments of the hospital, for instance in Intensive Care Units, Emergencies, Operating Rooms etc. This medical fluid is used for the suction of mucus and liquids.

GAZ SYSTEMES supplies medical vacuum plants with various configurations depending on the needs of the hospitals: single, duplex, triplex or quadruplex vacuum pumps installed horizontally, vertically or in a modular way. The plants are supplied with all components, especially a full range of vacuum tanks, double filtration and exhaust filtration systems.

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A Medical Vacuum Plant is composed of:

  • 1 or more lubricated vacuum pump(s)
  • 1 drain pot on the exhaust side
  • 1 antibacterial filtration set composed of a drain pot and a filter 0.1 um
  • 1 equipped vertical vacuum receiver
  • A control unit with a 7” Touchscreen

Control Interface of the Vacuum Plant (7”)

Technical Characteristics Admissible values
Operating temperature 45°C max.
Max Vacuum Level (abs) 2 mbar
Pump Power 400V 50Hz or 60 Hz
Control Unit Power 100-220V 50-60 Hz
Available Models Flow Power
VAC 05 05 m3/h 0.25 kW
VAC 08 08 m3/h 0.25 kW
VAC 20 20 m3/h 0.75 kW
VAC 40 40 m3/h 1.1 kW
VAC 105 105 m3/h 2.2 kW
VAC 205 205 m3/h 5.5 kW
VAC 305 305 m3/h 7.5 kW
VAC 405 406 m3/h 11 kW
VAC 605 605 m3/h 15 kW
VAC 905 905 m3/h 22.5 kW

Compliant with EN 7396-1 & HTM02-01

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