AGSS Plants

In order to reduce the exposure of hospital personnel to pollutants from anaesthetic gases, it is recommended to install centralised anaesthetic gas scavenging systems in hospitals.

GAZ SYSTEMES offers a robust and reliable solution of AGSS units, covering a wide range of flow rates, from 100 to 1100 m3/h.

As with all our devices, these AGSS units are equipped with a 7’’ touchscreen that allows you to choose the stop and restart thresholds of the air blowers. The unit can also be controlled remotely via Ethernet.

An AGSS Plant is composed of:

  • 2 blowers
  • 1 control unit with a 7’’ Touchscrenn
  • Rack mounted as standard
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Technical Characteristics

Operating temperature up to 45 °C
Max Vacuum Level (rel) -150 mbar
Blower Power 400V 50Hz or 60 Hz
Control Unit Power 110-220V 50-60 Hz
Outlet diameter 12 to 22 mm


Available models Flow Power
AGSS 2x50 100 m3/h 2x0.2 kW
AGSS 2x90 180 m3/h 2x0.4 kW
AGSS 2x150 300 m3/h 2x0.8 kW
AGSS 2x210 420 m3/h 2x1.5kW
AGSS 2x2310 620 m3/h 2x3.0 kW
AGSS 2x550 1100 m3/h 2x5.5 kW
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