OxyCENT-PROD alarm panel allows the monitoring of several production plants. It displays the status of several medical gas production plants such as vacuum plants, oxygen generators, medical air plants etc.

The alarm panel communicates through a serial port, an internet connection with almost any Building Management system. OxyCENT-PROD also memorizes and displays several years of monitored data.

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Technical characteristics

  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Connectivity
  • Ethernet
  • Serial port RS232
  • WiFi

Main functions

  •  Logging of min. 2 years of events
  • 2 year min memory capacity
  • Data transfer through USB or email
  • Buzzer 75 dB
  • Mute function
  • Fault relay

7’’ Touchscreen


Available Models No of MG systems to be connected
OxyCENT-PROD 02 Up to 3 production plants
OxyCENT-PROD 04 Up to 4 production plants
OxyCENT-PROD 06 Up to 6 production plants
OxyCENT-PROD 08 Up to 8production plants
OxyCENT-PROD 10 Up to 10 production plants

Compliant with HTM 02-01, EN 7396-1
Quality System compliant with EN ISO 13485

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