Compressor GS-COMP

Feed air unit for medical oxygen generators.

GAZ SYSTEMES has developped with care a range of compressors compatible with our oxygen generators.

GAZ SYSTEMES compressors are designed to operate 24 hours a day under difficult temperature conditions.
They are not fitted with belts (> 15kW) or thermostatic valves for the sake of simplification and performance. This design ensures a long life expectancy of the compressor and significantly reduces maintenance operations while optimizing the operation of the compressor.

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Technical characteristics

  • Max Air pressure: 10 bar
  • Sound level: from 63 to 72 dB
  • Power supply: 400V AC 50Hz*
    *60 Hz available on request


  • All the covers are removable for
    easy maintenance

Direct coupling:

  • No belt
  • No power loss

Optimized Maintenance plan:

  • No thermostatic valve for
    effective cooling
  • High efficiency motor
  • Low cost consumables

Inlet/Outlet connection G3/4″  up to DN180

Models Air flow @10bar Power
GS-COMP B-0055 Screw 35 m³/h 5.5 kW
GS-COMP B-0075 Screw 63 m³/h 7.5 kW
GS-COMP B-0110 Screw 82 m³/h 11 kW
GS-COMP-0150 Screw 124 m³/h 15 kW
GS-COMP-0185 Screw 151 m³/h 18.5 kW
GS-COMP-0220 Screw 192 m³/h 22 kW
GS-COMP-0300 Screw 273 m³/h 30 kW
GS-COMP-0370 Screw 330 m³/h 37 kW
GS-COMP-0450 Screw 410 m³/h 45 kW
GS-COMP-0550 Screw 528 m³/h 55 kW
GS-COMP-0750 Screw 680 m³/h 75 kW
GS-COMP-0900 Screw 840 m³/h 90 kW
GS-COMP-1320 Screw 1124 m³/h 132 kW
GS-COMP-1600 Screw 1233 m³/h 160 kW
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