As the processes associated with on-site gas production are transient, the buffer tanks play an important role. In fact, they make it possible to compensate for the dips during the overconsumption phase and conversely they allow temporary storage during the overproduction phases.

GAZ SYSTEMES supplies three main types of tanks:

  • Standard tanks with painted steel on the outside (RAL 9010), raw inside
  • Galvanized steel tanks inside and outside
  • Steel tank painted on the outside and vitrified on the inside. Vitrification is compatible with oxygen contact.
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  • Safety valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Inlet/Outlet valves
  • Drainage valve

Vitrified coating 

  • Specific internal coating oxygen


  • Galvanization of compressed air tanks
Technical characteristics Bar
Operating pressure Up to 16 bar
Available models Weight
GS-TANK 200L 50 kg
GS-TANK 270L 60 kg
GS-TANK 500L 130 kg
GS-TANK 725L 167 kg
GS-TANK 900L 186 kg
GS-TANK 1000L 204 kg
GS-TANK 1500L 278 kg
GS-TANK 2000L 352 kg
GS-TANK 3000L 537 kg
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