High pressure cylinders

A wide range for HP medical oxygen storage

GAZ SYSTEMES offers different sizes of high-pressure cylinders, available according to the customer’s needs.

It is possible to choose  among the following technical specifications :

  • water capacity of the cylinder, from 3 to 50L
  • type of valve standard (CGA, BS, NF etc)
  • type of valve cover
  • Color of the cylinder

It is also possible to arrange the cylinders in banks or racks of cylinders.

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Available models Volume Oxygen volume at 150 bar
OxyCYL 03 3L 0.45 m3
OxyCYL 05 5L 0.75 m3
OxyCYL 07 7L 1.05 m3
OxyCYL 10 10L 1.5 m3
OxyCYL 14 14L 2.1 m3
OxyCYL 20 20L 3 m3
OxyCYL 40 40L 6 m3
OxyCYL 50 50L 7.5 m3
Cylinder racks available models 150 bar
OxyRACK 12 90 m3
OxyRACK 16 120 m3
OxyRACK 20 150 m3
OxyRACK 30 225 m3
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