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Our added value: connectivity, more efficient services and customer satisfaction

On-Site production of gases with PSA technology is well-known and already applied in the industry and medical field for decades. All the European actors on the market provide more or less the same technical and financial proposal.

Our aim is to improve the services which gravitate around the on-site production and distribution of gases to affirm our difference and our added value to the products we are manufacturing and selling.

Our extensive expertise and experience in the industrial and medical field has helped us to identify the weaknesses of the historical actors, thus we have developped GAZ SYSTEMES with the intention to eliminate these weaknesses and to make it our strenght.

Those intentions are followed by the following concrete actions in our value proposition :

  • Our main products come as standart with the possibility to be remotely monitored, without extra cost.
  • As per the commercial discussions, we will always make sure to understand the needs of our customers and above all we will make sure that any potential client knows and uderstands our difference with the other actors of the market. This is mandatory and we will not start any partnership with a company which is not able to spend the time and the energy to understand our values.
  • Our standard lead time when an order is placed is reduced to the strict minimum. We understand how our products especially in the medical field are life-giving. This is not only question of customer satisfaction but also of saving lives.
  • Our price level is calculated according to the real cost of the raw materials, manpower and general costs of the company. Our prices are not imposed by the market, by the high-demand or by the emergency of one situation.




On-site production of gases is a key success factor for an improved production capacity and more profitability in the industrial sector.



Discover our solutions for medical gases production and distribution, from Source to Patient.

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