The BD range of air compressors offered by GAZ SYSTEMES is the simplest and most robust range we offer our customers. These compressors use the oil-lubricated double-screw technology to compress the air up to 12 bar. The range runs from 4 kW up to 37 kW.

The oil-lubricated double screw technology in this range of compressors is one of the less demanding in terms of maintenance on the market. It is only recommended to change the oil and filters every 3000h of operation.

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Models Power kW Air flow @10 bar
OxyCOMP BD 40 4 25 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD 55 5.5 41 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD 75 7.5 63 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD 110 11 82 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD 150 15 126 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD185 18.5 151 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD 220 22 185 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD 300 30 270 m3/h
OxyCOMP BD 370 37 348 m3/h
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