Our lubricated scroll  compressors are perfectly designed to replace piston air compressors in case they are being used more than 8 hours a day. Lubricated scroll technology is more heavy-duty while remaining very compact.

These compressors are the perfect tool for the users who demand continuous compressed air supply with average flows. The range is composed of two compressors, supplying between 23m3/h and 41 m3/h of compressed air at 8 bar.

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Technical caracteristics

  • Tension : 380V tri / 5A & 380 tri/10A
  • Pression max : 8 bar
  • dB : <52
Models Motor power Flow
OxyCOMP HSC 3 2.2 kW 23.6 m3/h
OxyCOMP HSC 6 4.5 kW 41.2 m3/h
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