Based in Pau in the south-west of France, close to the Spanish border and only 6 hours from the port of Marseille, GAZ SYSTEMES has a strategic geographical position.

GAZ SYSTEMES designs and manufactures a complete range of products. This wide range includes medical oxygen generators, medical gas installations and medical gas pipeline systems. Whether we build an oxygen generator or state-of-the-art equipment, the challenge of our work remains the same: we provide integrated and tailor-made solutions that save our customers money and meet their oxygen needs.

GAZ SYSTEMES is capable of designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning turnkey projects that include: production, distribution and management of medical gas pipeline systems, from production plants to patients.

Our strengths

Made in France


GAZ SYSTEMES team, made up of engineers in R&D, electricity, product design, a sales and marketing department and technicians, does everything possible to meet our customers’ needs. From the purchase to the installation of our machines, we remain at your disposal to accompany you in your projects.


GAZ SYSTEMES has a quality after-sales service. Throughout your project, a competent and experienced technical team will meet your needs in terms of repairs, inspections and supervision. The GAZ SYSTEMES technical team remains at your disposal for advice, technical revisions, preventive and curative maintenance. GAZ SYSTEMES employees have the skills and capabilities to handle even the most complex requests.

All our oxygen generators include a remote control system that allows our engineers to monitor the performance of our generators from our facilities in France. This system, which comes as standard to our teams, allows us to be more efficient in resolving any technical problems with the generator. Thanks to the remote control, we have been able to commission generators without having to go directly to the customer’s site. Indeed, the pandemic represents a problem of international mobility, so GAZ SYSTEMES has thought about the ideal solution for the end user. Remote control also allows us to reduce the costs of commissioning without having to travel abroad.


Our company GAZ SYSTEMES is concerned with sustainable development and the climate. In the industrial environment, nitrogen and oxygen are frequently used in large quantities. That is why our oxygen and nitrogen generators have been manufactured with a view to reducing their pollution load.
In order to save energy, our equipment and machines go into standby mode after several minutes of inactivity, as do the workstations when no one is logged on. We systematically propose more energy-efficient solutions to our customers, such as variable speed compressors that allow for a better quality of power supply.


With on-site oxygen production systems there are no transport constraints associated with gas delivery. C02 emissions are significantly reduced.

Message of the president

GAZ SYSTEMES was born from an experience lived as close as possible of consumers of medical oxygen in remote areas. The following observations were made:

  • In some developing countries the logistical constraints related to the delivery of conditioned oxygen are such that medical oxygen shortages are frequent
  • In developed countries, periods of stress in the supply of medical oxygen were observed during the covid-19 crisis.
  • The carbon footprint associated with the delivery of conditioned oxygen is very important since liquid oxygen must be supplied by trucks at regular intervals
  • Oxygen generators are installed in some hospitals but in certain regions the lack of maintenance and technical support leads to repeated and prolonged breakdowns
  • Many companies are content to win tenders but do not make proper follow-up with their local agent within the lifespan of the equipment installed.

GAZ SYSTEMES was founded with the objective of offering a solution to these problems by developing a complete range of products and services capable of improving the existing situation.

In particular, all our oxygen generators are supplied as standard with the possibility of remote connection, all our oxygen generators can be offered with a variable speed compressor, allowing more than 30% energy savings. GAZ SYSTEMES after-sales service is also available and committed to helping our customers regardless of the technical situation encountered.

This value proposition focused on the connectivity of our equipment, on a reliable and efficient after-sales service, on reduced manufacturing times and a reduced carbon footprint are our reason we exist in this growing on-site oxygen production market.

This is why after a few years of activity we are proud to have produced and installed more than two hundred medical oxygen production systems around the world and to keep developping our range of products and services from Source to Patient while improving the customer experience.

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