High Pressure Cylinders

We offer different types of high pressure cylinders, with capacities ranging from 3 to 50 litres and an operating pressure of up to 300 bar.

For more information about our high pressure cylinders, please contact us at contact@gazsystemes.fr

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Available models Volume Oxygen volume at 150 bar
OxyCYL 03 3L 0.45 m3/h
OxyCYL 05 5L 0.75 m3/h
OxyCYL 07 7L 1.05 m3/h
OxyCYL 10 10L 1.5 m3/h
OxyCYL 14 14L 2.1 m3/h
OxyCYL 20 20L 3 m3/h
OxyCYL 40 40L 6 m3/h
OxyCYL 50 50L 7.5 m3/h
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