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Gaz Systèmes accompanies Emmanuel Macron to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan


Dear readers and partners of Gaz Systèmes,

We are delighted to inform you about the exceptional participation of our CEO, Mr. Jean-Edouard de CUMONT, in the official delegation accompanying President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan last October.

This unique opportunity allowed our leader to represent Gaz Systèmes, a leading manufacturer of advanced medical gas devices, at the highest international level. The delegation, comprised of leaders from top-tier companies, played a crucial role in strengthening the economic and strategic relations between France and these two burgeoning nations in Central Asia.

Gaz Systèmes’ medical gas devices, including oxygen generators, vacuum plants, AGSS systems, air plants, and medical fluid network installations, play an essential role in delivering quality healthcare. The presence of Gaz Systèmes alongside President Macron underscores the significance of our company in the global healthcare sector.

During the delegation, our CEO had the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions with Uzbek and Kazakh counterparts, as well as government representatives from both countries. These exchanges paved the way for potential collaborations and joint projects that will contribute to strengthening healthcare systems in the region.

As a manufacturer committed to excellence in medical gas devices, Gaz Systèmes will continue to play an active role in international dialogues aimed at promoting access to healthcare, environmental sustainability, and the development of innovative solutions.

Our CEO’s participation in this prestigious delegation emphasizes our commitment to creating a safer and more resilient global medical future. Stay tuned for more exciting news about Gaz Systèmes’ initiatives and our ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability, and international partnership.

Best regards,

The Gaz Systèmes Team

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