Portable generator mini OxyGEN

GAZ SYSTEMES mini oxygen generators also use PSA (Pressure swing Adsorption) technology to produce medical grade oxygen of up to 96% purity.
The Mini OxyGEN range makes it possible to produce oxygen for several medical beds in a health center.
Mini generators, benefiting from a compact structure, require additional equipment:feed air unit and mini oxygen tank

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Technical characteristics

Oxygen outlet pressure 3 - 4,5 bar
Oxygen purity 93% +/- 3%
Oxygen flows From 5 to 25 L/min
Power supply 220V 50 Hz
Connectivity USB, Wifi, RJ45, Bluetooth & HDMI
Oxygen Analyzer Zirconium *
Touch screen 7 "
Outlet oxygen port BSP 1/4"

Human Machine Interface

The human machine interface is very welcoming and user friendly. The home page gives access to all the information necessary for the user: All pressures are indicated in particular those in the compressed air tank and that in the oxygen tank. This allows at first glance to verify the proper functioning of the generator.

The application has a number of menus for managing factory and user parameters, alarms, and data recording.

Data-Logging – Statistics

The Mini OxyGEN generator is capable of recording two years of data, knowing that each parameter is recorded every second. The saved parameters are:

  • Pressure in column A
  • Pressure in column B
  • Pressure in the oxygen tank
  • Purity of oxygen produced

The recording of all this data makes it possible to anticipate breakdowns and resolve technical problems very quickly and safely.

All these data are very easily recoverable by the user: Either they are recovered by inserting a USB key in the automat, or then it is enough to re-enter his email address to receive the data files by email using the Wifi / Ethernet connection . The downloaded files can be used directly on data processing software such as Excel.

Alarms Management

Mini OxyGEN generators also record all the events likely to generate an alarm:

  • ​Low oxygen tank pressure
  • Oxygen concentration below threshold limits

All these events are recorded and accessible on the PLC for consultation or export by email or via a USB key.

Each of these events gives rise to visual and audible alarm signals.

Maintenance Management

As the maintenance of an oxygen generator is essential for its good long-term operation, the automata are developed to be sure that the maintenance steps are carried out in good time by the operator of the generator.

A precise counter of operating hours is produced, making the difference between the hours under voltage and the hours under load.

Reminders can be set up with email notification several months before the mandatory maintenance milestones.

Models Oxygen flow Compressor power kW
Mini OxyGEN 05 5 L/min 0.5
Mini OxyGEN 10 10 L/min 1
Mini OxyGEN 15 15 L/min 1.5
Mini OxyGEN 20 20 L/min 2
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